“Are You Getting a Good Education?” Over 50,000 Teens Answer New After School App Poll

June 28, 2016

With recent talk of the decline of the American education system, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that a solid majority of high school students are pleased with their education.

Over 54,000 high school students responded to a recent one-day poll on the After School App that asked, “Are you getting a good education?” Nearly 58% said yes, while 42% said no.

A Love-Hate Relationship with Teachers

Students credited their teachers as having the greatest influence on their educational experience. Responses to a follow up question asking them to select the primary reason they believe they are getting a good or bad education revealed:

Student Quotes About their Teachers:

Slackers and Strivers:  Personal Motivation Key

Students cited personal motivation, or lack thereof, as a prime contributor to the quality of their education. “No one really cares to try at my school. It is disappointing,” said one student. Among the key information on how personal motivation plays into a teen’s education learned from the poll was:

Additional Quotes from Students on their Education:

The poll also looked at what states had the highest and lowest percentages of students satisfied with their education, and ranged from 67.26% (Delaware) to 50.43% (North Dakota).

View the full After School education poll results and state-by-state breakdown

Disclaimer:This poll is not a scientific study. Polls on After School are a reflection of the collective voice of today’s American teenager.

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After School, a social network exclusively for teens to share and connect safely with peers at their high school, has millions of users in over 80% of high schools in America — making it the largest social network for teens.

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