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“Are You Getting a Good Education?” Over 50,000 Teens Answer New After School App Poll

With recent talk of the decline of the American education system, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that a solid majority of high school students are pleased with their education.

Over 54,000 high school students responded to a recent one-day poll on the After School App that asked, “Are you getting a good education?” Nearly 58% said yes, while 42% said no.

A Love-Hate Relationship with Teachers

Students credited their teachers as having the greatest influence on their educational experience. Responses to a follow up question asking them to select the primary reason they believe they are getting a good or bad education revealed:

  • 36% of students who believe they are getting a good education credit their teachers for their positive experience
  • 43% of those who have negative views blame their teachers

Student Quotes About their Teachers:

  • “At my school, I feel like most of the teachers don’t care or aren’t patient with the students and constantly move at a fast pace, and don’t pause.”
  • “A good teacher can make a bad class worth taking just because they teach you more than what they have to.”
  • “I believe I am (getting a good education), My school is a great public school with some great teachers! I struggle a little bit in math and I am able to get help! I all around pleased with my High school experience.”
  • “These teachers have no respect and don’t care about our education anymore…”

Slackers and Strivers:  Personal Motivation Key

Students cited personal motivation, or lack thereof, as a prime contributor to the quality of their education. “No one really cares to try at my school. It is disappointing,” said one student. Among the key information on how personal motivation plays into a teen’s education learned from the poll was:

  • Of the students who say they are getting a good education, 24% selected “I’m motivated and work hard” as the most important contributor to their positive experience
  • 22% of all students who stated they are not getting a good education admitted that the primary reason for this was that they “don’t care to try.”

Additional Quotes from Students on their Education:

  • “Our education system is complete sh*t. i know people with 4.0+ gpas that copy all of their homework.”
  • “Shoutout to those who actually have self respect and care about their education.”
  • “I am being prepared well for my future outside of high school and will be able to do well for myself.”
  • “High school is a hell hole they call education.”
  • thank you teachers for caring more about my social life than an education.”
  • “it’s really f*&ked up how the world’s made education into a competition with class ranks in all.”
  • “I feel more passionate about Annie’s Mac and cheese than my education”
  • “I’m not sure if it’s just XXXXXXX or all boarding schools; but I have come to not care at all about my educational success or even if I go to college. honestly I have lost all motive to become successful in today’s society.”
  • “The strong focus on testing in my classes makes it less important for me to remember things for more than a week of two. If this were changed, the classes might have a more long lasting effect on my education”

The poll also looked at what states had the highest and lowest percentages of students satisfied with their education, and ranged from 67.26% (Delaware) to 50.43% (North Dakota).

View the full After School education poll results and state-by-state breakdown

Disclaimer:This poll is not a scientific study. Polls on After School are a reflection of the collective voice of today’s American teenager.

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