Introducing The 5 Minutes with a Teen Difference Maker Interview Series with After School and Peace First

January 18, 2017

After School, in partnership with Peace First, is hosting the 5 Minutes with a Teen Difference Maker Interview Series. This is a special 10-part series that features teens who have overcome obstacles and rejected the notion that teens are unable to make a real and sizable impact today. Participants include teens who have started non-profit organizations, raised awareness on important issues, created a community for people who are being left out, and helped spread positivity to their peers in impressive ways.

After School, a safe and positive anonymous social network that connects teens to their classmates, is the largest teen-focused social network in the U.S. with millions of users in over 85% of all American high schools. First launched in November of 2014, After School has focused on using the benefits of anonymity to give teens a safe place to be themselves, connect with others, and participate in educational and social change programs and opportunities. After School provides these opportunities to teens through partnerships with leading youth-focused social responsible organizations like CrisisTextLine,, Peace First, YSA, The Ad Council, anti-bullying organizations, and more.

AS PF Press Release Image 2The interviewees are Peace First Fellows and designers of its Peace First Challenge, a call to action for teams of young people across America to identify places of hurt, disconnection, and brokenness in their local schools and communities and to create powerful solutions. The interviews, conducted by After School’s Communications Manager Michael Luchies, entrepreneur and the former Interview Editor for Under30CEO, will highlight the efforts of the “difference makers” and their advice to other teens looking to make a positive impact on the world. “I’m excited to talk to these young adults who have risen above what they’ve been told — that teens have to wait to make a real difference. Their efforts serve as a source of inspiration for those who think they can’t make positive change, and I’m interested in learning from them as well,” said Luchies.

The audio from the interviews will be published on the After School YouTube Channel, recapped on the After School Blog, distributed to partners, and highlighted on social media. Stay tuned for all 10, which will be coming soon! Thanks to the participants who are sharing their story and Peace First for partnering with us to get out their inspiring stories.

For information on Peace First and the Peace First Challenge, click here.

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