Promoting Safe Sex with Eggplants, Peaches, Free Condoms, and Important Information

April 4, 2017

More than 70% of teens in America have sex by the time they turn 19, yet the topic of sex is rarely discussed, often considered taboo, and increasingly ignored in the education system.

Eggplant Invaders 2 After School App Video Game

After School, the largest social network dedicated to teens in the U.S. with millions of active users in over 85% of American high schools, announced plans to carry out a sustained effort to connect America’s teens with accurate and relevant sexual and reproductive information and resources in a unique and engaging way.

To appeal to youth on this important topic, After School launched a sexual health-themed video game. The game, called “Eggplant Invaders 2,” lets players dodge incoming sperm while trying to block incoming eggplants by shooting condoms at them. At the end of the game, tips and statistics on safe sex and condom use are shown to each user. Students from the more than 20,000 high schools using After School will compete against other schools in their region to win the grand prize — an orchestrated drone condom drop at or near their school.

After School Condom Drop

“I think the game is a fun way to engage teens in an extremely important topic that is rarely discussed — safe sex,” said After School Vice President Jeff Collins. Noting that young people make up half of the 20 million people diagnosed with sexually transmitted infections (STIs) each year each, Collins explained that “as a network for teens, After School feels a responsibility to step forward to help these young people learn what they need to know to make informed decisions.”

After School’s efforts in the area of safe sex and reproductive health also include mailing free condoms to teens who request them on the After School website. Future efforts will include a nationwide poll on teenage sexual attitudes and behaviors, partnerships with companies and nonprofits focusing on educating youth on sexual health topics, and in-app education efforts.

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