Ad Council, After School, and Partners Named in 4A’s “Partnership of the Year” Award

April 6, 2017

“I Am a Witness’ Bullying Prevention” Campaign Honored at 4A’s Transformation Conference

At the 2017 4A Transformation Conference Partner Awards, a celebration of the ad industry’s most creative collaborations, the Ad Council’s “I Am A Witness” Bullying Prevention campaign was selected as the winner of “Best Pro-bono Partnership.”

#IAmAWitness “aims to stop bullying by activating the “silent majority” of kids who witness it each day, transforming them from passive bystanders into an active collective that speak up against bullying.” The collaborative effort brought nearly 20 organizations together to stop bullying, including Disney, Paramount Pictures, WWE, Facebook, Twitter, and After School.

After School, the largest teen-focused social network in the United States, partnered to raise awareness of the campaign and continue its efforts to promote kindness and prevent bullying. “The campaign immediately stood out as a movement with the ability to impact millions and further the conversation centered around bullying prevention,” said After School Co-founder and COO Cory Levy.

Shortly after the Ad Council and partners launched the campaign in October of 2015, Levy and the After School team worked to incorporate the all seeing eye emoji into the app, allowing users to use it to show support for fellow teens. After School soon officially joined on as a partner and created an in-app video alongside the Ad Council to promote #IAmAWitness.

“We were honored to be part of #IAmAWitness and we look forward to extending the reach of pro-kindness and anti-bullying messages like this campaign,” Levy continued. “We would like to thank the Ad Council and Laurie Keith (Ad Council’s Director of Business Development) for their dedication to this cause and for partnering with After School to get this great message out to a wider audience,” Levy concluded.

Learn more about After School and its efforts to provide a cyberbullying-free and anonymous platform for teens to connect and share with each other on the After School About Page here.

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