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Over a Million Condom Tips Delivered: Eggplant Invaders 2 Game Update

May 20, 2017

In a little over a month, Eggplant Invaders 2 has been played nearly a million times and over one million condom tips have been shared with high school students. The game, available to teens with After School (iOS only), was created as part of After School’s sex education efforts, explained here.

The game gives players control of a condom-shooting peach that is avoiding incoming sperm coming from eggplant invaders. Before each level, students are presented with a condom fact or tip. Tips include:

These tips, shared with hundreds of thousands of teens in over 14,000 high schools, were displayed over 1,000,000 times.

First created as a side project to give teens an engaging way to learn about proper condom use, Eggplant Invaders 2 grew far beyond what the After School team thought possible. Students have played the game over 35,000 hours, equaling over four years of time.


“I think the game was a success because it employed a familiar game mechanic, but in a novel way using emojis and silly animations. Also, we wanted to create a fun experience for an entire school,” said the lead developer of the game, After School’s Bradley Engelhardt. A student’s score is added to their school’s overall score, helping to bring student body’s together to compete against other high schools, both locally and nationally. “I never expected the game to be played over 800k times in a month. I’m very grateful to the teens who embraced and played the game,” Engelhardt stated.

Over the past month, messages about the game have been posted by teens in hundreds of high school networks, including:

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