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After School’s Community Guidelines and Why They’re Important

In April 2015, several months after the “controversial” launch of After School, we released the full version of the app, which included new safety features, policies, and community guidelines. We believe that presenting and enforcing guidelines is an important aspect of digital citizenship –”the safe, savvy and ethical use of technology.”

After School’s Community Guidelines explain what’s expected and required of users. Getting users to read policies is tough for any company.

We present our guidelines early in the registration process, and also steer users toward positivity through pop-ups and graphics throughout the app, social change opportunities, and positive campaigns with our partners.

After School’s Community Guidelines:

Our Community Guidelines exist to maintain a fun environment that’s safe for all users.

  • Be Positive. There is a zero tolerance policy prohibiting bullying along with objectionable, and threatening content. These posts will be removed from After School and the users who are responsible will be permanently banned. If something shouldn’t be on your school’s feed, report it! One report removes a post from a feed.


  • Be A Teen. After School is for teenagers in high school and not adults. If you see any suspicious activity, please report that user and contact support@AfterSchoolApp.com.


  • Be Respectful. There are real people just like you on the other side of your posts. Use this incredible opportunity for good, and before you hit submit, consider whether you would like it if someone else wrote this post about you.


  • Be Legal. Illegal content of any nature is not allowed. There is nothing we take more serious than safety — please do not ever post a threat, even if it’s a joke. We won’t laugh about it. We will work directly with authorities to resolve legal issues, with safety as our number one priority.


  • Be Healthy. Take care of your body AND mind. If you or someone you know is feeling stress, anxiety, depression or just needs someone to talk to, please text our partner for free text counseling. Just text HI TIGER to 741-741 to start the conversation. It is anonymous.


  • Be Discreet. You wouldn’t enjoy having your phone number posted online, so keep this in mind while crafting your post. Sharing personal information of fellow students is not tolerated.

These guidelines must be followed by all users, and complement our Zero Tolerance Policy against cyberbullying and threats. Users who violate and do not follow these guidelines will be blocked. Keep it positive!

Learn more about After School’s safety features at the After School Safety Center. For news and updates, follow our safety team on Twitter @SafetyonSocial.

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