Teen Polls: Why After School Polls Users

August 21, 2017

Every social network is different. After School sets itself apart by providing an online space that is solely for high school students. Teens use After School to be themselves, connect and share with classmates from their high school, and participate in an array of volunteer and social change opportunities.

One unique feature we are proud of at After School is our polling. Any user can create a poll to gather the views of classmates. As a company, we conduct national user polls on socially relevant topics.

Why does After School poll users?

After School exists to help young people. We believe  Generation Z has the ability and desire to change the world for the better, but that their views are often overlooked. We use our polls to amplify the collective voice of America’s teens.

How does After School share teens’ views?

After School shares the views of teens through partners and media. We work with nonprofit partners and companies, like Data.World, BuzzFeed, DoSomething.org, and Countable, to create engaging user polls and then publicize the results.

Polls conducted so far include:

To find out what teens think about the education they’re getting, we asked, “Are you getting a good education?,” along with several follow up questions. Nearly 58% said yes, they are getting a good education, while 42% said no. One student shared anonymously, “At my school, I feel like most of the teachers don’t care or aren’t patient with the students and constantly move at a fast pace, and don’t pause.”

Learn more about the After School poll on education here.

Before the 2016 Presidential Election, we wanted to know who teens would vote for. We teamed up with Countable and DoSomething.org to poll over 100,000 teens. We also helped teens register to vote and volunteer for the campaign they chose to support.

Read the New York Post’s write-up here.

In May 2017, we partnered with BuzzFeed to ask teens about fake news. Over ⅓ of teens don’t think they can spot it. See the results here on BuzzFeed.

Learn more about our polls here, and mine poll datasets on the After School Data.World page (a proud partner of After School). Want to host a poll on After School? Contact press@afterschoolapp.com.

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