The Safety Features Behind After School’s Photo Roll

October 19, 2017

To give users the ability to share photos with their classmates, After School recently introduced Photo Roll. The feature, currently available on iOS only, will soon be available at the more than 14,000 established high school communities in After School.

As with any After School feature, safety and encouraging positivity were priorities. The following features and safety measures are part of After School’s Photo Roll feature:


Every After School user will have the option to opt-in and use Photo Roll, or choose not to use the feature.

Photo Roll Guidelines – Keep it positive!  

All users who do opt-in must accept usage guidelines for the feature. The guidelines explain that users must use Photo Roll in a positive manner and can be banned from the feature automatically if they do not.

Screenshot Restrictions

To enforce our guidelines and protect the photos of our users, taking screenshots is prohibited. When agreeing to participate in the Photo Roll feature, users agree to not take screenshots. While using the feature, users are continually reminded that attempting to take a screenshot will result in being removed from the feature.

Automatic Review

Images are reviewed and photos deemed to be inappropriate are blocked. This safety feature helps protect users by keeping content on each network appropriate.

Photo Locking

When a user accesses Photo Roll, they are prompted to choose photos to “lock” for any photos they do not wish to share.

Deleting Photo Roll

At any time, a user can remove themselves from Photo Roll and all of their photos will also be removed from the network.


All users can report photos and users  they believe violate Photo Roll guidelines and After School Community Guidelines and Zero Tolerance Policy prohibiting cyberbullying and threats. This feature allows each user to make sure their peers are treating each other with respect and following the rules.

For more on how After School keeps our online communities safe and positive, visit our Safety Center. For questions regarding Photo Roll or for support, please contact

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