How to Report a Post on After School

January 3, 2018

As a verified user of After School, you have the ability to quickly and easily remove posts you find offensive. To report a post on After School, click “report” in the bottom left corner of a post on your school’s feed. The post will be immediately removed from your feed and an investigation into the post will take place within 24 hours by our moderation team.

We appreciate your help keeping After School a fun and positive network. We’ve created and implemented dozens of safety processes and features that you can read more about in our Safety Center and Community Guidelines.

For Non-Users

Even if you are not a verified After School member, you can still help keep our networks safe and positive. To report a post, send a screenshot along with information about the post to our Safety Team through our content report form here.

Thanks for helping us keep After School safe. For more, contact support by emailing

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