Real or Fake

How Do You Know if Something Online is Real of Fake? Enter the 2018 “What’s Your Story” Competition for a Chance at $10,000

March 13, 2018

A $10,000 prize and more is being given away in the Trend Micro “What’s Your Story” competition. To enter, submit a video answering the question “How do you know if something online is real or fake?”  Full contest rules and details on how to enter can be found here. Entry deadline is April 10, 2018.

A key supporter of Safer Internet Day, Trend Micro hosts the annual “What’s Your Story” competition to help encourage youth to think creatively and constructively about internet-related issues and themes that will impact their lives. The 2017 contest asked students to answer the question, “If you could change one thing about the internet what would it be?” Authenticity, impulse control, and better communication were recurring themes in the responses. View the 2017 contest recap and winning submissions here.

In 2017, After School partnered with Buzzfeed to run a nationwide poll asking teens about fake news. The poll revealed that nearly half of teens don’t think they can tell the difference between an article that’s telling the truth and one that is “fake.”

Video submissions in response to “How do you know if something online is real or fake?” should be less than 2 minutes. Top submissions can win cash and non-cash prizes worth up to $10,000! Think about what helps you know whether something is real or fake online, make a video, and submit here before the April 10th deadline.

This competition is supported by ConnectSafely, MediaSmarts, NAMLE,, CyberWise, the Cyber Launch Academy, and After School.

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