Jeff Collins

Our Takeaways from “Media & Youth Suicide: Best Practices For Reporting and Storytelling”

May 2, 2018

After School, the largest teen-focused social network in the U.S., cares about teens and their wellbeing. In January, After School hosted the second Social Media Safety in Schools (SMSS) event. The one-day conference focused on preventing teen suicide and aiding the mental health of teens using social media and technology. “The event helped us learn how industry professionals approach suicide prevention and helped us get a wider understanding of how teens approach their own mental health,” said After School Vice President Jeff Collins.

After School App

Collins recently spoke at an event hosted by Stanford University’s Center for Youth Mental Health and Wellness titled Media & Youth Suicide: Best Practices For Reporting and Storytelling. The event brought together journalists, media experts, students, suicide prevention experts, child psychologists, and After School, the only company participant in the event. In his presentation, Jeff explained After School’s efforts to use the app for good, including encouraging compliments and offering teens the chance to connect anonymously with a trained Crisis Counselor from Crisis Text Line. After School’s partnership with Crisis Text Line has helped tens of thousands of teens to date.

Here were Jeff’s takeaways from the event:















We would like to thank Stanford University and organizers for putting this important event together and for including us in the conversation. We look forward to continuing to positively impact the movement to prevent suicide.

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