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Pairing Tech and Mental Health: After School Participating in Reverse Hackathon

May 12, 2018

Technology has the capability of solving problems in society, including those that technology itself has helped create.  On Saturday, June 9 at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), academics, designers, ethicists, computer scientists, entrepreneurs, psychologists, and others will join together for a unique event to help “hack mental health.”

This “reverse hackathon” is being co-organized by the California Institute of Integral Studies and HackMentalHealth, and will feature teams trying to solve problems with existing products rather than the traditional hackathon model of creating new products.

After School is partnering with organizers to help support the event. We will send members of our team to participate and help promote the reverse hackathon. “We see this as an opportunity to show that the tech industry truly cares about the mental health and wellbeing of their users, and that we’re dedicated to solving complex and widespread problems often attributed to social media and technology-enabled platforms,” says After School Vice President Jeff Collins who will be participating in the event.

Cross-disciplinary teams of 1-5 people will create product proposals for businesses to solve a mental health-related issue for the users of those products. Examples of technologies and areas that teams might address include dating apps, video streaming services, and social media.

Teams will present pitches to improve the apps and tools by creating new features that better serve mental and emotional health. Judges will base their decisions on the features’ impact, creativity, viability, feasibility, and the overall value and inclusive nature of the solution for users and their communities.

This is an important opportunity to make a difference in the future of technology. To learn more and Get Involved, involved visit the 2018 Reverse Hackathon website here. To purchase a ticket as an academic, generalist, or a technologist, or to make a donation, visit here.

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