How After School Approaches Cyberbullying Prevention

After School’s Approach to Cyberbullying Prevention

May 17, 2018

Prevention: the act or practice of keeping something from happening

After School first launched in November of 2014. After learning many important early lessons, we launched the full version of the app with dozens of added safety features in April of 2015. Over the past three years, we have continued to adjust current features and create new ones to keep After School a positive and safe place for teens to connect and share with their classmates.

When it comes to preventing cyberbullying on a social network, most think of blocking posts and removing users. But actual prevention goes much deeper.

After school approaches cyberbullying prevention in two distinct ways:


Prevention requires keeping something from ever happening — eliminating the problem before it starts. According to research conducted by cyberbullying experts, our best chance of addressing the root cause of bullying is to teach teach children social and emotional learning (SEL) and digital citizenship.

After School works with experts and digital citizenship organizations to develop ways to use our app to inform and shift behaviors of users from campaigns with partners like the Ad Council to in-app features like Compliments, which helps users boost the confidence of their peers.


Containment is the action of keeping something harmful under control or within limits. For After School, we contain bullying in three primary ways:

1. Technical Moderation

After school uses technical moderation to block posts that violate our Community Guidelines, which includes posts that are hurtful to others. This automatically stops the majority of content that is not allowed on After School from being seen.

2. Human Moderation

After School utilizes human moderators to review posts that may violate our guidelines, and investigate reported posts. Moderators also help users solve problems and look into any potential issues.

3. User Reporting

Unique to After School, users can remove a post from their school’s feed with a single report. The post is then investigated by our moderators to determine why it was reported, and if in violation of our guidelines, why it was not blocked by technical moderation.

Have questions for our Safety Team? Tweet at us @SafetyonSocial or email our Communications Manager at For more information on our safety features and processes, visit the After School Safety Center.

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