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“Tips for a Fun, Cyber Safe Summer” — Live Twitter Chat Recap

June 19, 2018

School is out across the country and millions of teens are already enjoying the summer and taking advantage of their class-free schedules. Regardless of their plans, it’s safe to assume that technology will be part of them.

On Thursday, June 14, After School participated in the #ChatSTC Live Twitter Chat hosted by STOP. THINK. CONNECT.™ The chat’s theme was “Tips for a Fun, Cyber Safe Summer” and featured advice from CyberWise, Public Safety Canada, FOSI, the Federal Trade Commission, After School’s Safety Team (@SafetyonSocial), and others. In the hour-long chat, participants were asked a series of questions about what adults can do to help young people stay safe online this summer, including:

Here were some of the most insightful tips shared during the chat:  

Communication is Key #chatstc 2018

Strong offline relationships often translate to strong online relationships. When parents can establish an open line of communication with their child when it comes to their online behaviors, they can help them overcome many of the risks associated with technology.

Children Learn How to Behave Online from Their Parents

Whether they would admit it or not, children learn how to behave from their parents. This is true for online activities as well. “Be the example that you want your children to imitate. Set security rules for the family and follow them…online security requires YOUR participation,” wrote @stickypassword. Young people are more perceptive than many adults assume. By using technology responsibly and in moderation, adults set children on the path toward using the internet to make a positive difference.

It’s Hard to Help if you Don’t Understand Live Twitter Chat

Another theme we recognized among the tips shared by participants was parents should work harder to understand the technology that their children are using. The more parents understand, the better help and guidance they can provide to their children.

In total, 128 people and organizations participated in the chat, which reached over 1.1M accounts on Twitter. After School would like to thank STOP. THINK. CONNECT.™ for including us in their chat, and we look forward to future conversations on how to keep children safe online.

For more from the After School Safety Team, please follow us @SafetyonSocial.  

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