Why Parents Aren’t Allowed on After School

October 8, 2018

After School is a teen-only social network. Our priority is to give users a fun and authentic experience that is also safe. In the After School app, users can communicate with other students in their high school anonymously, which may sound alarming to some adults. But After School has features in place to keep the network safe. Users must verify that they attend their high school; comply with our Community Guidelines; and have their posts filtered through proactive technical and human moderation to ensure they comply with our Community Guidelines.

Adults are not allowed on After School. This is not because we believe that you as a parent shouldn’t be part of your teen’s social life. Parenting in the age of social media is challenging and requires having regular meaningful conversations with your children about how to use technology appropriately. Keeping After School teen-only prevents potential adult predators from interacting with teen users, and also helps create an environment where teens are comfortable sharing with their peers.

Posting messages in a moderated environment free of adults means that users can talk about sensitive subjects they would not be comfortable sharing publicly with you, their grandparents, or even their friends.

When teens are limited to public networks like Facebook, we have seen the results. They create fake identities or fake accounts (have you heard of the team “finsta?” It means a fake Instagram account). After School provides an outlet to share authentic thoughts. And when those genuine thoughts are on sensitive issues, such as pregnancy, depression, or suicide, we offer them the opportunity to connect anonymously immediately with a trained Crisis Counselor from Crisis Text Line.

Parental Controls


After School Parental Controls
After School has implemented parental controls, allowing parents, if they choose, to limit or restrict access to After School. We recommend that parents have conversations with their children and discuss how to use social networks and technology responsibly. Learn more about After School’s parental controls here, and contact us with any questions or concerns at press@afterschoolapp.com.

To report content on After School, click “report” on the post, and visit our contact form here to submit information.

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