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After School’s Voter Registration Push Engages 30,000 Teens

October 16, 2018

With important midterm elections around the corner in November, every vote counts, including those of first-time voters. By engaging teenagers in the elections process now, we can help them become active throughout adulthood. After School recently partnered with nonprofit organization on a voter registration and awareness campaign that has so far reached over 30,000 active high school students ages 13-18.

With over 90% of high schools having established networks on After School, the app is the largest teen-focused social network in the U.S. and one of the largest online referring partners of

The voting awareness campaign captured users attention by asking for their current feelings towards Trump, and then helped them learn how to register and/or lead a voter registration campaign with 18,200 students (60.6%) expressed a negative opinion, clicking on the angry face emoji, while 11,872 (39.4%) clicked on the smiling face emoji expressing their support.

Thousands of students were interested in learning more and clicked on “show me how.” Teens not old enough to vote were sent information on how to encourage their friends and family to register and those 18-years-old were sent to a landing page where they could find information on how to register to vote quickly online. The campaign was a success with a large number of students learning more about the process and dozens of eligible students registering to vote.

This effort is part of Change 💩, an After School-led social change series that focuses on raising awareness and facilitating change in a variety of important subjects to teens, from civic engagement to teen dating violence.

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