71% of Teens Would Tell Someone if They Were Being Bullied: In-App Teen Bullying Awareness Campaign on After School App

December 3, 2018

After School recently concluded an in-app poll asking thousands of teenagers (13-18) how they define bullying, and if bullied, whether they would they tell someone about beaing harassed. Of the teens polled, 71.2% stated that they would tell someone if they were being bullied while nearly 30% (28.2%) said they would not tell anyone about the incident or continued harassment.

The campaign was launched in an effort to raise awareness of bullying among teens and to engage them in the discussion on how to prevent bullying and cyberbullying. After submitting their definition of bullying and answering the poll question, users were presented with additional information on how to stand up for themselves and friends who are victims of bullying.

Paula Orrego, an anti-bullying activist, served as Special Advisor to the bullying awareness campaign, which began by asking users to define bullying.

What is Bullying?

Despite the attention paid to bullying and cyberbullying, there is no universally-accepted definition of the word bullying. Although a large percentage of teens in the poll stated that they would tell someone if they were being bullied, it is not surprising that many came up with different definitions of what bullying is.  

The thousands of responses received to “Bullying is…” included jokes, single-word answers, and many well-thought-out descriptions of what bullying means to today’s teenagers. Here are several responses we received.

Bullying is…

“An unnecessary assertion of dominance in attempt to reach some sort of self preservation or control.”

“A mean comment, the way you treat someone, physical abuse, but tbh bullying is something that shouldn’t happen. WE ARE ALL HUMAN.”

“Bullying is treating others without the respect they deserve.”

“Saying mean things, pushing someone around, laughing about it.”

After School will continue to work preventatively to stop bullying and cyberbullying from occuring among teens. Thank you to anti-bullying activist Paula Orrego for her help with this initiative to raise awareness amongst teens of bullying and helping them question what it is and how to get help if they or a friend are experiencing harassment.

For more information on this campaign, the After School App, or partnerships, contact press@afterschoolapp.com.

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